Who are we? And who writes the content…

literacyideas.com is a collection of experienced school teachers and writing professionals. There is no single author for the site as we seek to find experts in various aspects of literacy to create content for us.

All of our authors have at least a decade of professional experience as teachers in primary, secondary or university settings..

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide teachers with simple solutions to teach reading, writing and all aspects of literacy in the classroom.

Does literacy Ideas generate income from content on this site?

Yes, we partner with individuals and companies that create resources related to the teaching content we create.

Do we accept paid articles and sponsored articles on the site.

No… . We fiercely stand by the model of creating solutions for our audience first and foremost to meet their needs. If a product or organisation later fits that article then we may place an advert within the article.

NOT A SINGLE LINE OF EDUCATIONAL TEXT IN THIS SITE HAS BEEN WRITTEN BY AN ADVERTISER!! - Teaching content is written by teachers and educators and advertisements are written by advertisers. The two shall never meet.

Who owns us?

We are owned by an educational company called Innovative Teaching Ideas - A registered Australian Company ABN 44 634 115 316

Can I advertise on this site?

You can ask, but be prepared for rejection. Unless you are proposing a perfect marriage between what you do, and what we do? Nearly all offers are rejected.

How can I contact literacyideas.com

Just drop us an email here